There’s nothing like being stuck at home in quarantine to help you get clarity on your renovation needs. But before you call the contractor, read our home renovation guide to learn how to best use your hard-earned cash to increase your home’s value.
Stay safe and warm this winter by outsourcing your shovelling to a professional snow removal contractor. Be sure to book well before the snow flies, though, or you could get left out in the cold.
Gourmet food and wine tours in Ontario and Quebec are a great way to discover delicious delicacies from local artisans and farmers throughout the region.
Enough with the improvised home office already. Now’s the time to level up your #workfromhomelife with a thoughtful revamp of your work-from-space.
Are you in doubt about how to close your in-ground or above-ground pool properly? Hire a pro to avoid these expensive mistakes pool owners often make when winterizing a pool.
Why aren’t you eating more delicious beef tartare? You probably didn’t know how easy—and safe—it is to make this bistro classic at home.
Why not take advantage of the harvest season and visit some of Quebec’s local farms and markets? Enjoy homegrown (and even organic) apples, pumpkins, cheeses, and wines, along with a few surprises. Browse our list for a taste of what local growers ha
Equal parts style and storage, kitchen cabinets make a big impact on the overall look of your home. We’re all spending more time indoors these days, so why not revamp the heart of the home with new, on-trend kitchen cabinets?
If you don’t already stretch regularly you’re missing out on greater flexibility, energy and a better mood. Not to mention all those muscle aches and pains you probably feel. Try one of these stretch routines for a longer, leaner, and happier you.
Shopping local is more important in 2020 than ever before. As small businesses across the country adapt to the new normal, here’s how you can support independent retailers near you.
Want to update your hairstyle for fall? From edgy buzz cuts to low maintenance colour treatments, here are six hot trends for men and women to try this season.
Who knew cheese and eggs could be such a tasty, low-carb substitute for regular waffles? It’s the keto community’s worst kept secret, and we’ve got the perfect chaffle recipe, along with a few clever twists on the basic keto chaffle. You’ll want to f
What’s in your child’s backpack for back to school 2020? Check out this list of supplies for all the things you need to help your child navigate the new normal for this new school year.
You may have already experienced the stress-relieving power of houseplants, but did you know certain species can help heal allergies, skin issues, and tummy troubles? Find out which plants you’ll want to bring home to feel your best.
Air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality, but don’t try this at home. Here’s why you should only entrust your ventilation ducts to a professional heating and air conditioning contractor.
Your baby’s skin is precious. Find out how to keep it safe from the sun’s harmful rays.
Don’t replace that tired-looking siding. Give your house a budget-friendly makeover with a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.
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